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Learn More About Double Edge Metal Safety Razors

How Long Does a Metal Safety Razor Last?

Double edge metal safety razors are meant to last a lifetime, depending on care and maintenance. Common problems encountered can occur from water damage, especially if the razor is lay in water and not wiped down after use. 

What Metal is Used in Our Safety Razors?

Our metal safety razors are made using brass alloy, which is made up of copper and zinc. This is an alloy made to be corrosion proof. Although the alloy is not made with nickel, there may be traces of nickel within the alloy.

How Do You Dispose of Metal Blades?

Disposing of safety razor blades is safe to do so in a metal blade disposal tin, which is a necessary eco-friendly shaving accessory. Our tins are made from tin-plated steel and can store up to 100 blades. When the tin is full, paper tape over both the entry slit and the bottom of the tin.

For safety reasons, we advise you to recycle the whole tin filled with blades and don't empty from the bottom of the tin. Check with your local recycling centre before disposing of the full blade tin in the scrap metal section.