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11 Reasons to Use a Plastic-Free Safety Razor

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When I was in my teens, some 20 years ago, safety razors just weren't a thing. Or maybe I wasn't aware of them. High street brands were dominating the market with razors that had 3-4 blades in one plastic-coated cartridge. Their adverts were everywhere and you couldn't avoid the repetitive strain of the "world's closest shave".

My mum shaved her legs with pink and disposable razors, and I'd use a plastic cartridge razor that was named after a jet fighter. The disposable razors were thrown into the waste bin after use and so were the cartridges. They're probably still tucked away somewhere under a heap of landfill. 

Thankfully, the world has moved on a little bit. People have access to more information and can now see the damage that disposable plastics are doing to our planet. 

For those who shave regularly, care about their own health and the environment, a double-edged safety razor is one plastic-free swap that is a must have.

Let's get started:

1. Most safety razors are plastic free

It's as simple as that. The majority of safety razors are entirely made from metals, such as stainless steel. They're meant to last, unlike disposable plastic razors. A mix of iron, zinc and copper provides a base to the razor that plastic just can't compete with. 

2. They reduce skin irritation

One double-edged blade means that your skin isn't going to be stripped and dragged by a razor with more than 3 blades. Safety razors allow you a much cleaner shave that is healthier for your skin and won't compromise the integrity of your skin.

3. The environmental impact

It's reported that up to 2 billion disposable razors make it into landfill every single year. A plastic-free safety razor will save on so much waste. The only thing you need to change on the razor is the blade, which can be recycled if you check your local recycling plant. You won't need to throw your razor into general waste again.

4. They're robust & long lasting

Safety razors are weighted for your hand, solid in their feel and robust in their design. This is a razor that could last you a lifetime, as long as you take care of it. Our razors are designed with style, too, so you will care about them a little more. We also offer free replacement parts if you mistakenly break it. Thank us later!

5. It's cheaper in the long run

While the initial purchase of a metal safety razor costs more than the plastic version, it will save you money further down the line on replacements, such as blades. A pack of 11 plastic-cased cartridges can cost upwards of £25, whereas 25 blades will only cost you £8.99. Depending on usage, one blade can last up to 2-3 weeks.

6. Safe and easy to use

The clue is in the name. Safety razors are safe and simple in their design, and it's really easy to fit the blades. With double-edged safety razors, all you do is unscrew the head, carefully place the blade on the head pin and screw the handle back into the head. It's important you handle the blade with care and don't hold the blade on the sharp edges. While shaving, tilt the razor at a 45 degree angle for optimum shaving.

7. It's a skill worth having

Taking a bit of time to master the art of shaving isn't an inconvenience or a chore, it's a great skill to have that you can pass on to other people one day. Once you have this skill, it will keep your skin and bank balance healthy.

8. They produce a quality shave

After many idiotic years of using more commercial razors with disposable cartridges, I can honestly say that a safety razor gives me the closest shave I'm ever likely to get. There is no pulling, tugging or dragging on my thick coarse beard hair, and I only have to shave over the area twice. Lovely.

9. Safety razors don't clog

Unlike cartridges, safety razor blades don't hold on to all of the hair that's shaved so there isn't the issue clogging. If any hair does get stuck between the head and the blade, it's easy to clean and wipe down. 

10. They are easy care

As we've said before, the only thing you need to change is the blade, which lasts depending on usage. Post shave, all you need to do is the wipe down the razor from excess water and pat down the blade. Keep the razor in a dry place, away from moisture.

11. So many beautiful designs

Whether you choose a classic bamboo safety razor, rose gold metal razor, pastel pink, mint green, matte black or something different, you're going to have a stylish razor that you're going to want to keep. Smooth wooden handles, textured metal grips, intelligently weighted... this is a razor you'll be proud of.


There is a reason why double-edged safety razors have stood the test of time. They're strong, reliable, efficient, good looking and don't produce much waste. The day you switch to a plastic-free razor is the day you never look back.

We have a wide range of safety razors in a variety of colours, including bamboo razors. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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What reasons do you use a safety razor for? Are there any drawbacks to using a razor for shaving that's not disposable?

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