Who is Shoreline Shaving?

Shoreline Shaving is made up of a team of people who’d like to try and change the way that men and women buy their shaving products.

Between us, we share the same ethics of plastic free, zero waste and buy natural. We’re all in our thirties and, well, it was about time we did something big that we could be proud of: improving our world a little bit.

Born out of the love of travel, beaches and the sea, and resentment for disposable plastic items, Shoreline Shaving aims to stop more unnecessary plastic making its way into our oceans.

Why are we selling eco-friendly razors?

More and more people are beginning to see the damage that short term plastic solutions inflict on our planet, and the need for quality, long lasting products is slowly becoming the spirit of our times.

Now it’s up to people like us to push it into the mainstream. And it’s not going to easy.

Whether it’s shaving legs, grooming beards or shaping hair, our eco-friendly razors are meant to last a lifetime, as long as they're taken care of. It might sound counter-productive for a business to say, but once you’ve got your plastic-free razor kit, we only expect to see you on our website every now and again -- when you need some new blades or soap.

Supporting The Ocean Cleanup

"The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic." As much as we prefer a proactive preventative approach, we fully support The Ocean Cleanup and it's progressive way of thinking. Click the link for more information on The Ocean Cleanup.

 For every bamboo razor we sell, we'll donate a portion of our profit to The Ocean Cleanup.

Supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

From July, 2020, we're helping the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to "save endangered marine species, find solutions to major threats facing our Reef like coral bleaching and crown-of-thorns starfish and enable vital research that helps managers protect our Reef." Click the link for more information about the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

For every Coral Collection razor sold, we'll donate a portion of our profit to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

So what now?

This might be a page about us, but it’s ultimately about you. If you’re new to the plastic-free world or you’re just after an eco-friendly razor that looks pretty swish, then you’ve come to the right place.

Grow with us, shave with us. Keep those shorelines clean.