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Men's Shaving Kits: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about men's shaving kits - Shoreline Shaving

Shaving is a daily routine for many men and having the right tools can make it a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. A quality shaving kit can significantly enhance this routine, providing everything you need in one package.

From the best brands to consider, where to purchase, what should be included in a kit, suitable kits for sensitive skin, the cost, and even eco-friendliness, we have compiled straight-forward answers to some of the most common queries about shaving kits for men.

Finding the best quality shaving kits for men

The best shaving kits for men are often the most sustainable. Brands such as Mutiny Shaving, for example, upcycle plastic bottles to create hybrid safety razors that are built to last.

The Shoreline Shaving kit for men includes a premium bamboo or metal safety razor, shaving soap bar, 10 double-edge blades, a drawstring travel bag and gift box.

What should a men's shaving kit include

A shaving kit for men should typically include a safety razor, shaving soap or cream, blades and storage. Some kits also offer additional items like aftershave balm, a brush and beard care products.

Suitable for sensitive skin

There are shaving kits specifically designed for men with sensitive skin, featuring products with soothing, natural ingredients designed to minimise irritation and maximise comfort during shaving.

The key is to avoid products that contain chemicals and nasties, and promote natural ingredients that are kinder to your skin. 

Travel-sized shaving

Many brands offer travel-sized shaving kits perfect for on-the-go grooming. Our kits and sets, for example, offer compact accessories that are easy to pack, ensuring you can maintain your shaving routine while away from home.

It's important to note that razor blades must be kept in your hold luggage and NOT in your carry-on bags.

Range of multi-coloured safety razors in shaving stands - Shoreline Shaving

Typical cost of a shaving kit

The cost of shaving kits can vary significantly depending on the brand, the quality of the components and what items are included. Basic kits can start from around £20, while high-end or luxury kits can cost over £100.

Eco-friendly or sustainable kits

Many brands are committed to offering eco-friendly or sustainable shaving kits. Our own shaving kits, for example, use plastic-free, eco-friendly and vegan products. UpCircle and Mutiny Shaving also offer kits with sustainable, recyclable packaging and natural ingredients.

Customising a shaving kit

Some brands do offer customisable shaving kits, allowing you to select specific products or scents based on personal preference. This option can create a more personalised shaving experience or make for a thoughtful gift. 

If you know exactly what you or the recipient wants, you can create something special with a choice of shaving accessories. Colour of the razor, scent of the shaving soap, matching stands, travel tools... there are loads of options for you.

Benefits of getting a kit compared to separate products

Using a shaving kit as opposed to separate products offers several benefits. It's often more cost-effective, convenient, and ensures the products are designed to work together for an optimal shaving experience.

The difference between a straight razor and safety razor

A straight razor is a long, single blade that folds into its handle, offering a traditional shave. It requires careful handling and maintenance. A safety razor, however, has a protective device between the blade and the skin, reducing the risk of cuts and providing a smoother shave.

Difference between straight razor and safety razor - Shoreline Shaving

Shaving kits for beginners

For beginners, kits that offer straightforward, quality products are ideal to start with. People who are new to safety razors should look for a shaving kit that has a razor with closed-comb head, as this offers more protection when shaving.

The ideal shaving gift

Shaving kits make excellent gifts, as they provide a comprehensive set of tools for a quality shaving experience. This is especially true for those who appreciate grooming or are passionate about sustainability.

Tools that are made to last

Maintaining the tools in a shaving kit involves cleaning them after each use and storing them in a dry place. Blades in the razor should be replaced regularly to ensure a sharp, clean shave and prevent rusting

Reduce razor burn & irritation

Quality shaving kits can help reduce razor burn as they usually include a reusable safety razor, which offers a smoother shave than multi-blade razors. Soothing shave products included in the kit can also help to minimise irritation.


Whether you're a beginner or a shaving connoisseur, sensitive-skinned or looking for eco-friendly options, there's a shaving kit out there for you.

Remember that the right shaving kit is about more than just a clean shave; it's about the experience, the comfort and the confidence it brings.

With options ranging from budget-friendly to premium, travel-sized to comprehensive, hypoallergenic to organic, the world of men's shaving kits is vast and varied.

Now armed with this detailed knowledge, you are well-prepared to find the perfect shaving kit for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone else. Keep those shorelines clean!

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