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Is it Better to Shave with a Safety Razor?

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly and sustainable way to shave? If so, you should consider ditching single-use disposable razors and invest in a eco-friendly safety razor.

Also known as safety razors, plastic-free razors are made of metal and can be used time and again for a clean, close shave. Far more environmentally friendly, get ready to discover 7 reasons to start shaving with an eco-friendly razor. 

Man shaving with rose gold safety razor travel set and blade disposal tin in the forefront

1. Kind To Sensitive Skin

If razor burn is getting you down, it’s your body’s way of telling you to ditch those cheap disposable plastic razors for good.

A safety razor can significantly help reduce friction and irritation while shaving, which can often be painful.

Unlike disposable razors, safety razors provide a premium shaving experience and since they’re sharper than disposable plastic razors, there is far less chance of developing razor burn too! 

2. A Wise Investment 

If you’re watching those pennies, you’ll know just how expensive it can be to buy a new pack of disposable razors every couple of weeks!

Since plastic-free safety razors are reusable, they make a far better financial choice than paying less in the short term, but having to buy more often.

Let’s be honest, a disposable razor will give you around one to three clean shaves at best before it starts to become clogged up and blunt.

Safety razors allow you to buy once with a pack of five blades, which can equate to around 25 shaves, depending on usage.

In the long-run, all you’ll need to buy is replacement blades, which are much more affordable than disposable razors!

Check out our safety razor replacement blades.

3. Zero Waste Produced by Eco-Friendly Razors

Still not convinced? Well if you care about the environment, it’s time to take a stand against plastic and stop using single-use items like disposable razors!

One easy change you can make right now is to make sure your razor is reusable and plastic free. A zero-waste style of shaving means you will never have to throw razors, blades or packaging in the waste ever again.

At Shoreline Shaving, we work hard to make sure our products are eco-friendly, plastic-free and our packaging is recyclable. One clean shave for you with a reusable safety razor from us means one less disposable razor in the ocean.

A woman feeling her freshly shaved legs with a rose gold safety razor set in the forefront

4. Combat Ocean Pollution

Talking of waste, buying plastic products also means supporting an industry that is actively contributing to the plastic waste crisis.

Like most plastic packaging and products, it’s eventually going to end up in a landfill, if not a water source. Before you doubt this connection, consider the sheer amount of plastic in the ocean right now.

In fact, according to recent data, there's around 593,043,485 pounds of plastic pollution floating on the ocean’s surface right now. A mixture of plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging.

Don’t let a well-kept grooming routine be part of this global issue. 

5. Sharp Blades are Easier on the Skin

Shaving with a blunt blade can actually cause more accidents than using a sharp blade when shaving.

Of course, while using a sharp blade might give you the impression that you need to be super careful, which you need to master, it’s actually those blunt disposable razors that tend to cause more issues.

This is because a blunt blade can drag against the skin and impact your grip, which can cause the razor to slip.

On the other hand, a sharper blade will glide effortless across the skin, removing hair easily. 

6. Ease Of Use

Another great benefit of safety razors is that they are very easy to use.

Unlike disposable plastic razors, safety razors provide a closer shave, with less pressure on your part and usually only takes on pass across the skin.

As we’ve just mentioned, less friction means less accidents and that amounts to a better experience overall. 

7. Travel Light 

Last but not least we come to travelling. With the rise of remote work and digital nomads, more people than ever before are working and travelling.

So, rather than carry around a whole pile of disposable plastic razors in your suitcase, invest in one high-quality safety razor that will continue to keep you hair-free while you’re exploring the globe. 

Take a look at our safety razor travel sets for shaving on the go.


Identifying the benefits of reusable safety razors for yourself is the only way you'll really see the positives of eco-friendly shaving. 

Take your time, find the right razor and be patient while learning your shaving technique. 

If you're looking to kickstart your shaving routine, take a look at our starter shaving kits.

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