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FAQ: Eco-Friendly Shaving Kits

What is the Best Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit?

An eco-friendly shaving kit with a reusable safety razor is a great starting point for anyone trying to establish a zero waste shaving routine. 

The best plastic-free shaving kits that include natural shaving soap, replacement blades and recyclable packaging, so you have everything you need from the start.

A travel bag is also useful, too, so you can store the razor safely while at home or when you're travelling.

Are Eco Shaving Kits Made for Women & Men?

Reusable safety razors come in a wide range of colours and styles for women and men, such as rose gold, mint green and matte black metal razors and premium safety razors with a bamboo handle.

Choosing the look of a single-blade razor is all about preference. However it is vital that your safety razor has a long handle and slimline head, including a grip that is textured or grained, so that you can shave in areas that are hard to reach.

The more popular styles of shaving kits for men, include storm grey, silver metal, pale blue, chrome silver and matte black.

Why are Plastic-Free Shaving Kits Better for the Environment?

Disposable plastic razors and single-use plastics can't be recycled and they don't biodegrade, so once they have been used they end up in landfill and sometimes in the ocean.

Choosing a plastic-free reusable safety razor or shaving kit saves on needless plastic waste making its way into our waters and our diets. 

What Makes a Shaving Set Sustainable?

Sustainable shaving products and packaging are equally important when choosing a shaving kit that's eco friendly. Take a look at the materials and ingredients, and make sure the shaving soap is natural and vegan friendly, the packaging is plastic free and there is zero waste made from the shaving kit.