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FAQ: Environmentally Friendly Shaving

Why Shave with a Reusable Safety Razor?

Reusable safety razors use a single blade and don't pull or tug like multi-blade disposable razors, so you significantly reduce shaving rash and irritation on the skin. Reusable safety razors cut at the surface of the skin, which performs a close shave without skin burn or bumps. 

It's also incredibly cheap to replace razor blades on your safety razor. Blades can be picked up in physical and online shops for a fraction of the price of plastic cartridges on disposable razors. This is why plastic-free shaving is so effective and worth every penny.

Are Reusable Safety Razors Eco Friendly?

Safety razors are eco-friendly because they are generally comprised of metals such as brass or steel, so there is no disposable element to the razor's manufacturing. This means that eco razors are much more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives on the market, as they are 100% plastic free and make zero waste.

Razor blades are the only replaceable part of your eco safety razor and can be easily recycled at your local recycling centre. Depending on how often and vigorously you shave, one pack of blades could last up to 2 months.

Eco-friendly shaving products and accessories are widely available on the high street these days, too. Click the link to browse our shaving accessories, including blades, razor stands and blade disposal tins.

What is the Most Environmentally Friendly Way to Shave?

Safety razors are much more environmentally friendly to our planet because they are reusable, strong, robust and make zero waste. Switching to an eco razor is kind to the environment, as you will never need to throw any part of the razor in the waste bin.

If you take care of your safety razor and adopt plastic-free shaving wholeheartedly, your razor could last you a lifetime.

How Much Waste do Reusable Safety Razors Make?

A zero waste shaving routine is easily achieved by switching to an eco razor. Once you have purchased a safety razor you won't need to replace the head or the handle, as they are designed to last.

Eco-friendly shaving soap and stainless steel blades are also zero waste, as all packaging and blades can be recycled. Plastic-free shaving products have been designed so you end with no waste at all.

What is the Most Sustainable Way to Shave?

Choosing to shave with a reusable safety razor can save on waste and money in the long run. Your safety razor should be a one time purchase, so you'll no longer need a subscription for cartridge heads or need to buy disposable plastic razors. By prioritising plastic-free shaving, this ultimately means less waste.

It's also important to use shaving soap made from natural ingredients and double-edge razor blades that are sharp. The better you treat your skin, the more optimum the shave. 

Our eco shaving kits are perfect for beginners and planet-friendly people. Or you can check out our razor travel sets for something more compact.