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Hessian drawstring travel bag on white background - Shoreline Shaving
Drawstring hessian travel bag on a grey background - Shoreline Shaving
Hessian travel bag on sand - Shoreline Shaving

Drawstring Hessian Travel Bag

Shoreline Shaving
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Our drawstring hessian travel bag is made from sustainable jute plant fibres, and is the perfect size for carrying and protecting your safety razor.

  • 100% renewable natural materials
  • Made from the jute plant, which is highly sustainable
  • Completely plastic free and eco friendly
  • Protects your safety razor and doesn't trap moisture


The natural drawstring travel bag is made from hessian, which is a woven fabric made from the jute plant. This is a super efficient source of renewable material and it's highly sustainable. 


+ Plastic-free, eco-friendly & sustainable materials.
+ Hessian is a natural fibre that's made from the skin of the jute plant.
+ The hessian materials is breathable and doesn't trap moisture.

+ Packaged with love & zero waste. 
+ Perfect size to carry double-edged safety razors. 

Store your hessian travel bag outside of the bathroom and in a dry place.