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How to Shave Your Legs with a Safety Razor

How to shave your legs with a safety razor

Ever thought about giving the ol’ plastic razors the boot? Well, enter the safety razor: a mix of vintage charm and eco-friendliness. It’s the longstanding saviour of shaving!

1. What You’ll Need

Before we dance, here’s the playlist:

  • A sleek safety razor (come on, it's the treat-yourself moment)
  • A shaving brush (not a must, but it’s kinda posh)
  • Top-notch natural shaving soap (bonus points for eco choices!)
  • A dash of cold water and a splash of warm water

2. Setting the Stage

Best practices? Start with warm, clean skin. Think: a mini spa moment with a warm shower to woo those pores and hairs into submission.

3. Lather Like a Pro

With shaving soap and brush: Dampen the brush, twirl it on the soap, and paint your legs. It's part Picasso, part self-care.

Using shaving cream: Slather on, but don't drown in it. More isn't always merrier here.

4. Safety First, Razor Second

Now, for the main event:

  • Hold the razor like you would a pen - at a comfy 30-40 degree angle.
  • Let gravity be your guide. The razor's weight does the heavy lifting.
  • Embrace short, deliberate strokes, starting ankle-side.
  • Give the blade a quick rinse now and then.
  • Here’s the fun part: Two sides, twice the efficiency. Flip when needed.

5. Curves Ahead!

Knees and ankles aren’t straight roads. Stretch the skin a bit to ensure a smooth journey.

6. After the Encore

Post-shave? Think cool – cold water to be exact, to seal those pores. And don't be shy with the moisturiser – your legs deserve a bit of after-party pampering.

7. Razor TLC

Give your razor a rinse and let it stand tall and proud, free from moisture's sneaky advances. And remember, retire those old blades responsibly.

Here's a video from one of our stockists, Life Before Plastic, which explains how to shave your legs with a safety razor:

Wrapping Up

Switching to a safety razor might feel like learning a new dance. A misstep here, a wobble there, but with a dash of patience, you're in for a world of eco-elegance. After all, sustainable can be stylish too!

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