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We're a family run business

Shoreline Shaving is made up of family and friends, with one simple goal in mind: to stop more unnecessary plastic making its way into our waters and our diets.

Born out of the love of travel and the ocean, we're going to do our best to try and change the way that people buy their shaving products. One razor at a time.

Why eco-friendly safety razors?

We grew up in landlocked towns in north Manchester, where littering and fly tipping happened all too often. Growing up in an environment where not many people cared stuck with us.

We then spent much of our professional careers seeing the world, writing about the places we visited and worrying about the impact we're having on our planet.

To be honest, it sucked to see so much devastation in places that should be pristine.

Throwing plastic on the ground in Manchester could eventually impact the shores of Antarctica. It isn't impossible as it seems.

You'd always see the same old crap floating ashore: fishing nets, plastic pens, crisp packets, toothbrushes and disposable razors. I saw first hand how every continent had been affected by careless waste and disposable plastic.

Whether it’s shaving legs or grooming beards, one of our eco-friendly razors could last a lifetime if you take care of it. Every element is recyclable or biodegradable, so there is no waste.

It might sound counter-productive for a business to say, but once you’ve got your plastic-free razor, we only expect to see you when you need some new blades or shaving soap. 

But even then, there are so many great shops out there where you can pick up double-edge blades and natural shaving soap.

We Support The Ocean Cleanup

"The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic." As much as we prefer a proactive preventative approach, we fully support The Ocean Cleanup and it's reactive way of thinking. Click the link for more information on The Ocean Cleanup.

We Support Surfers Against Sewage

"We’re a community dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. We fight long and hard to protect what we love and we won’t stop until it’s completely clean, safe and protected for everyone, forever."

It's easy for us to support an amazing UK charity organisation when our values align like this.

How can you help?

This might be a page about us, but it’s ultimately about you. If you’re new to the plastic-free world, you’re after a beautiful looking safety razor or you just want to say hiya, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Grow with us, shave with us. Keep those shorelines clean.