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FAQ: Reusable Safety Razors for Women

Are Reusable Safety Razors Better for Women?

Switching to a female-friendly reusable safety razor need not to be a daunting task. There are many reasons why safety razors are better for women than plastic razors with disposable cartridge heads.

Single-blade safety razors are much sharper than plastic multi-blade cartridges, which means they are gentler on the skin. Women's eco safety razors significantly reduce shaving rash, skin irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.

It's more hygienic for women to use a safety razor because there will be reduced pulling, tugging and scraping of the skin, as a single-blade ladies razor tends to shave the area in one pass.

It's also much cheaper for women to invest in a safety razor. Once you have purchased your double-edged razor, you only need to replace the blades. Safety razor blades are a fraction of the cost of plastic cartridges and can be picked up cheaply in most shops or online.

Eco-friendly women's safety razors are sustainable, plastic free and make zero waste. Every element in our ethical shaving kits and sustainable travel shaving sets is either recyclable or biodegradable. 

Why is a Reusable Safety Razor Gentler on Women's Skin?

When shaving with multi-blade women's razors, it's easy to scrape the skin three to five times in one pass, which can remove a layer of skin off the top if you shave at the wrong angle. This can cause razor burn, shaving rash and ingrown hairs. Single-blade safety razors use one sharp blade and shaves the area in one pass, which is much more gentler and sensitive on the skin.

What Should Women Look for in a Safety Razor?

When looking for the best safety razor for women, it's important to make sure you take into account the length of the handle, whether the grip is textured or not, and how slimline the razor head is.

Choose a handle that's weighted and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Pick a handle grip that is textured or chunky, so you can get enough purchase when shaving.

Make sure you get a safety razor with a slimline head, as this will make it easier to shave in those hard to reach areas.

What is an Eco-Friendly Women's Reusable Razor?

High-street women's razors have always had a pink, purple or turquoise colour scheme that's very cliche, many come with a small handle. This is why more and more women are switching to eco-friendly safety razors, as there is more colour choice, different sized handles, razor heads that suit various needs and, best of all, the razor is reusable.  

Are Safety Razors Good for the Pubic Area?

Safety razors are really effective when shaving around the pubic area, but we'd suggest only shaving this area once you have experience with a safety razor.

The best safety razor for women when shaving the pubic area is a safety razor with a scalloped edge, as this is much gentler on the skin compared to closed comb or open comb razors. 

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