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FAQ: Double-Edge Reusable Safety Razors

Are Reusable Safety Razors Better for Your Skin?

Shaving with a single-blade safety razor is a lot more sensitive on your skin than razors with three to five blades. The reason is purely logical. The less scraping and raking you do, the kinder it is to your skin. Using a safety razor is all about crafting your technique and once you get it right, you'll get the closest and cleanest shave you've ever had.

How Long are Reusable Safety Razors Meant to Last?

Reusable safety razors were ultimately designed to last a lifetime. The materials used to manufacture safety razors are robust and long lasting, so with a little bit of care and maintenance your razor could last you as long as you need it. This is why traditional wet shaving has come full circle, because people are noticing the key benefits once again.

How Do I Care for My Reusable Safety Razor?

A common cause of damage to safety razors is exposure to moisture when it's not in use. It's important to make sure you keep your safety razor dry when you have finished using it. A tried and tested technique is to unscrew the head of the razor and safely place the blade to the side. Using a dry cloth, gently wipe the handle and each plate of the razor head until all excess water has been wiped away.

Make sure you don't wipe the blade with a cloth, as this may blunt the edges. Carefully pick up the blade making sure you don't hold the sharp edges and give it a little shake, ensuring excess water is removed. Then carefully put your safety razor head back together with the blade and screw into the razor handle.

Where Should I Keep My Reusable Safety Razor?

It may sound counter productive, but don't keep your safety razor in the bathroom unless it is in a place that is kept away from moisture. Using a drawstring hessian travel bag is a great way of keeping your safety razor dry in the bathroom, as long as it kept in a cabinet or a box that has a tightly closed door or lid. 

Can I Travel with My Reusable Safety Razor?

It's perfectly fine to take your safety razor with you on a flight, but you cannot take loose blades in your carry-on luggage. If you have checked luggage, it'd be ideal to store your safety razor and blades in there. 

If you only have carry-on luggage, do not carry any razor blades with you because they will be confiscated by airport security when your baggage is being scanned. Even if you don't have any blades with you, it's likely security will still want to check your safety razor.

The great thing about safety razors is that double-edge replacement blades can be picked up in a lot places and cheaply. Once you have landed in your destination, look for the nearest pharmacy and purchase some blades there.

Should I Get a Travel Set or Shaving Kit?

Our safety razor travel sets and shaving kits are ideal for beginners who are looking to enter the world of plastic-free shaving. Travel sets are our basic offering for someone who already has shaving soap or cream, and only needs blades, razor and a hardwearing protective travel bag.

Our eco shaving kits for women and men contain everything you need to get started, including razor, 10 blades, shaving soap, hessian travel bag and eco gift box. Our kits make the perfect gift and can be bundled with razor stands and blade tins.