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Chrome Silver Bamboo Safety Razor made from plastic free and eco friendly materials - Shoreline Shaving
The contents of our chrome silver bamboo razor gift set, including blades, hessian bag and instruction manual - Shoreline Shaving
A closeup of a chrome silver bamboo safety razor - Shoreline Shaving
Silver Bamboo Safety Razor with Blades & Hessian Bag
Eco-friendly bamboo safety razors in chrome silver and storm grey, with a hessian bag - Shoreline Shaving

Bamboo Razor

Silver Bamboo Safety Razor with Blades & Hessian Bag

Shoreline Shaving
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Our double-edge bamboo safety razors come in chrome silver or storm grey. The razor's long, weighted handle and bamboo grain is designed for optimal grip, while its slimline head is gentle on the skin. Blades, travel bag and user manual included.
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  • Our Premium Bamboo Safety Razor
  • 5 x Double-Edge Razor Blades
  • A Drawstring Hessian Travel Bag
  • A User Manual to help fit blades


100% Plastic-Free
Vegan Friendly Ingredients
Ethically Made & Low Carbon Footprint


Single Blade - No Pulling or Tugging
Reduces Irritation & Shaving Rash
Cheap & Easy to Replace Blades


We Support The Ocean Cleanup
We Support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation
We Donate Part of our Profit on Every Razor





Our bamboo safety razors are precision weighted with a long grain handle, complemented by a slim chrome head and grooved edge. This makes wet shaving easy, gentle, clean and smooth.

Email us if you'd prefer a lighter or darker grain of bamboo.

  • Handle length: 105mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Grip: Bamboo grain
  • Blade change: Screw head

Our cutting edge Super Stainless Steel Blades are made by Shark and fit all standard double-edge safety razors. They're extremely sharp and allow you the cleanest shave you're ever likely to have.

THE HESSIAN BAG (razor only)
The natural drawstring travel bag is made from hessian, a woven fabric made from the jute plant. This is a super efficient source of renewable material and it's highly sustainable. 

THE SOAP (kits only)
Our shaving soap is natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and lathers up wonderfully. It’s also free from nasties such as palm oil, parabens and sulphates. Read more about it here.

Packaging is just as important as product
For us, the way we package our safety razors is just as important as the product itself. Every order we send out is packaged with elements that are 100% plastic free, recyclable or biodegradable only.

We pack every shaving kit & safety razor ourselves
We do not outsource anything. This allows us to quality check every single element before it reaches you and it must be perfect.

Our eco-friendly shaving kits are kind to the environment:

  • Paper sleeves and tissue are recyclable
  • The gift box is made from recycled cardboard
  • We don't brand our gift boxes so you can reuse them
  • The box that houses the blades is recyclable
  • For protection, we use wood wool or zig zag paper
  • Zig zag paper is recyclable & wood wool is biodegradable 

How long will double-edge razor blades last for?
Blade longevity all depends on how much you care for the blades, how often you use your razor, the length of your hair, and how your store razor and blades.

If you shave daily on a small-medium surface area (face, legs or underarms), a Shark Super Stainless blade will last around 10 days before losing its edge.

It's important to wipe down the blade after use and store your razor in a dry place. Don't leave the razor exposed in the bathroom, as any moisture will blunt the blade quicker.

How to care for your eco-friendly safety razor 
To ensure the longevity of your razor, wipe down after use and don't expose it to harsh chemicals or long stints of moisture.

hessian travel bag is robust and spacious enough to carry your razor and protect it, along with blades and other small shaving accessories. Place the razor head down into the hessian bag when storing.