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The Best Shaving Accessories for Safety Razors

Congratulations, you’re already reducing your daily waste significantly by using a reusable safety razor rather than a disposable. To really make the most out of your new shaving routine, you’ll need to think about the best shaving accessories to accompany your razor.

So, here are our top shaving product recommendations to help you enjoy that butter-soft feeling of hair-free skin at home. 

Man looking in the mirror beginning his shaving routine with blade disposal tin in the forefront - Shoreline Shaving

Razor Blade Disposal Tin 

Whether you live alone, within a busy family environment or in shared accommodation, keeping your used blades safely stored away is a necessity.

Once a blade goes blunt, resist the urge to throw it in the bin, and pop it in a blade disposal tin.

Keep this handy shaving product essential in a bathroom cabinet, out of reach of younger members of the family, and prevent accidents at home.

When the box is full, secure the slit and bottom of the tin using paper tape and you can easily recycle it by contacting your local recycling centre.

You’ll also see how little waste you create when compared to a disposable, which is always a nice reminder that your helping the planet. 

Many blade disposal tins can safely store up to 100 blades and are usually made of strong and robust metal.

A Robust Safety Razor Stand

Never underestimate the importance of owning a safety razor stand. Many people leave their razor in the bathroom after shaving, which can cause water damage just from the water in the air or by laying in puddles.

Made of hardwearing materials such as stainless steel, reusable safety razor stands are designed to protect the blade from becoming prematurely blunt or rusty from water exposure by keeping the razor upright.

The stand itself should be weighted and ventilated to ensure the lifespan of your reusable razor by keeping it dry and clean.

Check out our full range of safety razor stands, including a wide selection of vibrant colours, made from metal and bamboo. 

A woman showering and shaving with a natural shaving soap bar in the forefront - Shoreline Shaving

Shaving Soap Made from Natural Ingredients

An important step to consider when shaving with a safety razor is the type of shaving soap or gel you're using. Adequately preparing the skin for hair-removal will significantly reduce the risk of irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

You'll want to make sure that you're using a natural shaving soap that is free from nasties such as harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

The kinder you are to your skin in the beginning, the easier it will be to shave with a safety razor.

At Shoreline Shaving we have a collection of natural, vegan and cruelty free shaving soaps that are free from parabens and sulphates.

Our shaving soap bars provide you with a luxurious, thick lather, which will nourish your skin in preparation for your newfound shaving routine. 

Travel Bag & Wash Cloth

There's nothing more satisfying than keeping your shaving products in a travel bag while visiting friends or heading overseas. Or are we just a little bit sheltered? 

Whether it's a holiday or business trip, a protective travel bag is a worthwhile investment and will protect your reusable safety razor from bumps and leaks. 

It's important to remember that you can't travel with razor blades within your carry-on luggage when flying. Razor blades must always be kept in your hold luggage when travelling on a plane.

You'll also want to invest in a decent wash cloth, made from 100% organic and sustainable cotton if possible. Use a wash cloth on your face with warm water, to open the pores before shaving, as well as to wipe away excess shaving foam.

Our very own hessian drawstring travel bag is made from natural jute fibres, and will keep your shaving products safe, secure and dry! 

A man stroking his beard after shaving with Shark double-edge blade sin the forefront - Shoreline Shaving

Quality Replacement Blades 

The most common and necessary shaving accessories you'll continually buy as a safety razor user is quality replacement blades.

However not all blades are created equal. You'll want to make sure you're using a blade that is ultra sharp and will last for more than one pass. Although this doesn’t mean you have to pay more! 

Double-edge safety razor blades are plastic-free, affordable and generally shave any area of your body in one pass once you have mastered the technique.

The blade will last approximately 10 days with general use, depending on the size of the area, before you should consider changing to a fresh blade. If you ever feel the blade pulling or tugging, it's time to change it.

At Shoreline Shaving we provide high quality double-edged safety razor blades made by Shark for a clean and comfortable shave. These blades are ultra sharp and don't disappoint. 


Creating your own shaving routine is a unique experience that will be customised to what you like and what you don't.

The eco shaving products we've mentioned above are necessary for every person using a safety razor and will become part of your routine.

Other accessories we haven't mentioned include such things as shaving brushes and shaving bowls. 

The reason we haven't mentioned a shaving brush because it's ultimately not a necessity (you can create a good lather with your hands) and many are made from synthetic bristles or animal hair.

Is a shaving brush a necessary accessory for you? What else would you consider important to your shaving routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Thank you for your blog, very informative and sensible. I personally don’t think a shaving brush is necessary. I have used one, but didn’t replace it. A good shaving soap, giving a good lather and applied by hand, is all that is necessary!

    Philip Hamer

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